Solutions for Independent Living

Home Safety Assessment. Fall Prevention.

What the statistics say

Statistically, 75% of conventional housing in the US was constructed prior to 1970 and 70% of elders live in conventional homes. These dwellings have ‘aged in place’ and often present barriers for safe mobility. According to the CDC, 6 out of 10 falls occur within the home, with the bathroom being the highest accident area.

How we help

LHD assesses the physical and cognitive components of why falls are happening. Is it medication effects? Weakness? Fear of falling? Environmental challenges? We then evaluate the living situatation, educate our clients, and problem solve potential safety concerns in the home.

Safety with style

Safety first doesn’t mean style comes in second! Safety incorporated into the design does not have to look like it belongs in a hospital. Fixture manufacturers are now offering attractive designs that blend into your décor. Whether you love sleek, minimal design or are hooked on traditional, you can have safety without sacrificing style.




Safety and style go hand in hand.