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Solutions for Independent Living

We listen. We make a plan. We create a liveable home for now and the future.

Who we serve

LHD assists older adults and persons with disabilities to continue to live at home by providing assessments and implementing solutions. We evaluate your needs and challenges. We educate you about the options available. We help you make decisions about remaining comfortably and safely in your home. Decisions that fit you and your family.

We provide


Safety, comfort, and a style that fits your home.

The OT Advantage

Occupational Therapists (OTs) have the expertise and education to recommend and implement strategies in home environments that help individuals complete daily tasks effectively and safely, allowing them to remain and prosper in their homes.

OTs are trained to match the person to the home. This requires an individualized approach when assessing how a person meets the demands of their environment. Educated in anatomy, physical disabilities, chronic conditions, psychology, and the aging process, OTs can identify potential problem areas and modify the home to support the person.